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Finding yourself worrying and can’t concentrate or get things done like you used to? Consider our Anxiety Counselling to help you deal with this.

Anxiety Symptoms

Here are some symptoms that might indicate your stress has developed into anxiety symptoms.

  • Can’t get to sleep at night because of racing thoughts. Nightmares, bad dreams.
  • Difficulty concentrating. Incessant mind chatter.
  • Frequently being on edge, in a bad mood, flipping out, having no feelings about things like you used to.
  • Body aches, more tired than usual.
  • Blushing, flushed skin at the most inappropriate times.
  • Sweaty hands and body, including at night.
  • Crave sugar, sweets, chocolate. Having a weight loss or gain.
  • Tripping, bumping into things, clumsy.
  • Flu like symptoms.
  • Hair loss or thinning or clumps of hair fall out.
  • TMJ; jaw or mouth clicks or grates when you eat or talk, sore jaw.
  • Lack of sexual interest.
  • Jump and startle easily.
  • Feel like it is hard to breath.
  • Heart palpitations. Concerned about your heart and having a heart attack.
  • FEARS of: what people think of you, being trapped, being in public, making mistakes, or going crazy, losing control, impending doom, overshelmed.
  • Brain fog
  • Dizzy
  • Frequent headaches, migraines.
  • Deja vu, feeling like you’ve done or experienced something before.
  • Spaced out feeling
  • Everything is scary, frightening for no apparent reason..
  • Taste a tinny, metallic, ammonia or unusual smell or taste.
  • Constipated or diarrhea. Upset stomach, belching, difficulty swallowing.

Don’t wait until your worrying builds up to the level of having a panic attack. Numerous people think they are having a heart attack and go to a Hospital Emergency only to find out that they are having a panic attack. Anxiety patterns are created that become harder and harder to change.

Don’t wait for debilitating anxiety to set in. Call now to Dr. Karen Massey at 403-390-1815 or fill out the confidential Contact Us form

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