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Dr Karen Massey  403-390-1815


Dr. Karen’s Calgary Office at the Center for Healthy Living

Dr. Karen works at this state of the art health clinic on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.   This clinic offers the public a range of medical and complimentary specialties like Orthotics, Therapeutic Massage, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Naturopathic Medicine.

The vision of the clinic is to: continually strive to implement new and expanded services resulting in our patients having access to a locally-based, seamless system of primary and specialty care. This enables us to be the medical clinic of choice for people in our community for a range of their healthcare needs.

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Trauma & EMDR

Dr. Francine Shapiro is the originator and developer of EMDR, a well recognized effective treatment for trauma. She is the founder of the EMDR Institue, Inc. Check out her website, which is also the EMDR Institute website.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk is an international leader in the field of psychological trauma. Check out his website.

Dr. Pat Ogden is a leader in the field of sensorimotor psychotherapy which helps heal the devastating effects of trauma on the mind, body and brain. Check out her institute.

Dr. Peter Levine is the originator of somatic experiencing. He is renowned for his sensitive work of noticing slight body reactions to help him heal clients’ stress and traumas. He gives exercises to help clients break through their web of emotional and physical pain. Check out his website.

Couples Counselling

Drs. John and Judy Gottman have been studying and working with couples for 40 years. They are one of the leaders in couples research. Check out their Gottmen Relationship Institute

Also check out the Gottman’s Gott Sex? The Art & Science of Lovemaking at

Dr. Harville Hendrix and his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt developed Imago Relationship Therapy that is also a leader in couples therapy. Check out Harville Hendrix’ website

Alison Armstrong’s organization “Partnership, Adoration, Ecstasy” (PAX), is now considered one of the top relationship training organizations in North America. PAX has developed and continues to improve the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshops, and many others. These weekend courses provide an opportunity for men and women to understand more about their behavior and that of the opposite gender. An example of one of her newer approaches is through applying neuropsychology: “Anat Baniel taught me that the brain learns by the perception of a difference. This is why a role model can have such an impact; the further ahead they are on the path, the easier your brain can see where to go. But in the absence of the gap a role model provides — and even more potent — is the effect of pushing yourself in the extreme opposite direction. It’s called Doing Something Wrong On Purpose. By intentionally doing the opposite of what you want to get better at, your brain sorts out how to do it well. Presto! Alison quantum leap in your ability. And with a whole lot more fun and less effort too!” Alison Armstrong

Information about International Family Constellation Trainers who have trained Dr. Karen

Bert Hellinger who lives in Germany, provides articles and information about his worldwide training events. Bert Hellinger is the developer of the Family Constellation approach.

Francesca Mason Boring who lives in Washington State, USA, trains constellation facilitators in Alberta and elsewhere in the world.

Daan van Kampenhout who lives in Amsterdam, Holland, specializes in Systemic Rituals and a Shamanism approach to constellations. He offers training around the world.

Sneh Victoria Schnabel who lives in Germany, trains and holds Family Constellation workshops around the world.

Dr.Shannon Zaychuk, lives near Calgary, Alberta,and she is sometimes a co-trainer with Mark Wolynn, to help people understand the impact of inherited family traumas in the family system. She has facilitated training throughout North America in Family Constellations as well as being a certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy instructor.

Mark Wolynn, is Director of the Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, Northern California and the Co-Director of the Hellinger Learning Center in New York City.

Bertold Ulsamer  is a Doctor of Law and a psychologist. He has worked as a psychotherapist, specialising in NLP, and as a management trainer for 15 years.
Bertold has been leading family constellation seminars since 1995. He offers advanced training in this field and has worked in many countries. (including Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Argentina, India and Italy He was one of the trainers at the international intensive in Zist Germany in 2003. As a trainer at the International Intensive in Germany in 2003 he was considered to be the clearest teacher of constellation work.
He is the author of two books on family constellations, as well as books in the field of communication and self-management.

Bertold’s newsletter on December 20, 2018, discussed the importance of using the word “Dignity” in constellation work. He states:

What specially touched me was to see the power of words and how sentences can change the inner attitude. I like very much the sentence when a representative says (I always invite to this sentence) :“What happened to me belongs to my life, to my fate and to my dignity.”

If this is an ancestor, it becomes easier for children to let him his destiny – and bow before him and his fate. But at the same time it is a sentence for every person because whatever I experienced, whatever I did – ALL THIS this belongs to my life, to my fate – and to my dignity.

“Dignity” is a strange word. If you want to define it precisely it may seem to be fluid and slip out of your hands. When Hellinger came with the German word for that “Würde”, people said this sounds old fashioned. But amazingly this old fashioned word is more powerful than some modern version.

“Dignity” raises you up, straightens your back, grounds you. In my phantasy sometimes I see and a drunkard in the gutter who says. “I drink myself to death – and this belongs to my life, to my fate and to my dignity.” And I could only bow before him. We judge over others so quickly – without knowing their burden.

Additional Sites

  • Wild Horse Mountain Outfitters — Dr Karen’s sister’s business offers camps for girls ages 12 to 18, and this includes trail riding and adventures. Each week at camp provides an amazing opportunity for girls to bond with horses, and to gain skill and knowledge about horsemanship.
  • Bragg Creek Chamber of Commerce — The Chamber provides information about businesses in the community where Dr. Karen lives.


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