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Dr Karen Massey Registered Psychologist
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Notes from Recent Courses Taken

January, 2012: Celebrating Men & Satisfying Women

presented by Cindy Sawatzky, PAX programs developed by Alison Armstrong

In this lively, interactive weekend training, information was presented so that women learn to get what they want and need. Cindy pointed out that men have 16 times more testosterone in their body so that they can focus for long periods of time. It almost never works for a woman to be too long in a male mode because it uses up a lot of her testosterone which her adrenal glands cannot then resupply fast enough causing the adrenals glands to burn out with fatigue.

An important point that is made during this training is that too many women have developed this society and media created image in our heads about the "Ideal Woman." It is this fabricated image of the Ideal Woman that tells us what we need to be more of or less of. Being thinner is a good example of the tape that plays in women's heads of striving to be a thin Ideal Woman. What if women could just learn about their strengths and grow them, and put less focus on what is lacking?

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