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Dr Karen Massey  403-390-1815

The fee for a 50 minute counselling session, which is considered a counselling hour, is $200.

This $200 is the fee recommended by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta for registered psychologists practising in Alberta. If you have a private health care plan through work, they usually cover 80%, up to a specified annual maximum.

There are some older style private health care plans that still require you obtain a medical doctor referral for counselling, and you must then submit the medical doctor referral with your claim for reimbursement. So check whether your company uses this older style plan, with the extra step of a medical doctor referral. Any un-reimbursed balance from your private health care plan is then claimable as a health cost for income tax. 80% reimbursement  means you have paid $40, and this you can then claim on your income tax return.

You can also find more information about registered psychologists in Alberta at the websites for Psychologists’ Association of Alberta and for College of Alberta Psychologists. The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta’s website lists the recommended fees for registered psychologists to follow, and this is the fee guideline that Dr. Karen uses.

Dr Karen Massey and Emergo Counselling Services has two counselling offices:

  • SW Calgary / West Spring /Springbank office
    Center for Healthy Living, Suite 6105,
    873-85 St SW, Calgary, AB T3H 4C8
    (northwest of 85 Street at 9 Ave SW, in West Springs)
  • Bragg Creek area office (also serving Cochrane)
    (we’ll provide address and map with appointment confirmation)
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