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Dr Karen Massey  403-390-1815

Dr Karen Massey likes to share what she learns at courses attended and she summarizes some articles of interest.

Courses Taken

  • International Conference on Treating Complex Developmental Trauma Disorder: Integrating EMDR and the Theory of Structural Dissociation, Niagara Falls, New York (April 2012)
  • Kathy Steele: Treating Complex Developmental Trauma Disorders
  • Jim Knipe: EMDR Safely treating traumatic memories of clients with Complex PTSD
  • Roger Solomon: Overcoming trauma-related phobias
  • Kathy Martin: More on resolving Dissociation
  • Dr. Christine Sawatzky: Celebrating Men & Satisfying Women (January 2012)
  • Katie O’Shea: Targeting early_trauma held in implicit memory with EMDR (December 2011)
  • Cindy Sawatzky: Celebrating Women, Understanding Men Introduction (November 2011)
  • Dr. Christine Perkins: Naturopathic Approaches for the Adrenal Glands and Stress and Kundalini Yoga (September 2009)

Articles Written

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