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Dr Karen Massey  403-390-1815

If you feel upset, cry a lot, highly anxious/panicky/ depressed, or you freeze up after something just happened, then it’s possible that you have been triggered by unresolved traumas in your life. Unresolved traumas can affect you and your family for many generations.

Traumatic memories are not accessible or resolvable by talk therapy. If you’ve had an upsetting experience like an accident, assault, rape, abuse, or even bullying at school, you could be suffering from PTSD or Acute Stress. These traumatic memories stay frozen in time, and remain stuck in the emotional part of your brain because of their powerful emotional charge. These troubling memories are not able to heal through logic and trying to rationalize them.

Using body focused counselling sessions you can ease the charged traumatizing emotions. Call now to Dr. Karen Massey at 403-390-1815 or fill out the confidential Contact Us form

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