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Feeling pressured and worried more and more about work, family, or life changes that aren’t going so well? Do you have lots of negative thoughts racing in your mind?

Our bodies are biologically programmed to have a stress response to protect us. In earlier times, the stress response of fight or flight served the purpose of keeping us safe and alive. Unfortunately our bodies are still programmed for the stress reaction, and if something upsetting or fear-provoking has occurred, our body automatically goes into the fight, flight, or freeze mode. This stress reaction isn’t very helpful if you are talking with your boss or partner and are triggered into a fear reaction. Continued stress reaction is harmful to your emotional and physical health.

Consider your stress reaction feelings as an early warning sign and take action now to prevent the stress from worsening into anxiety or depression. Don’t wait. Prevent becoming burned out or developing anxiety or depressive symptoms.

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